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Write A Story Called 'Lost' (7-11 years)

Write A Story Called 'Lost' (7-11 years)
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Write A Story Called 'Lost' (7-11 years)

'Lost' is an effective teaching resource designed to enhance the creative writing skills of children aged 7 to 11. This educational material guides students through structuring and developing a story from scratch, starting with reading the story 'Lost'. From there, students will understand how each character is built, the setting formulated, and the plot assembled.

This resource takes a step-by-step approach in shaping young writers. It presents them with three key components of storytelling:

  • Beginning paragraph that sets the scene
  • Middle section recounting events that build up suspense
  • An ending providing resolution to the narrative.

To assist children in constructing their narratives efficiently and effectively, it provides unfinished sentences as building blocks. The concept offers an engaging way to encourage even reluctant writers by giving them multiple starting points for their piece of creative writing.

The focus isn't just limited stories about animals as implied by its name,'Lost', but also branches out into other non-fiction text formats such as:

  1. E-mails,
  2. The letters,
  3. A play scripts or reports.
  4. This ensures a comprehensive extension of comprehension skills beyond simply creating engaging tales.

    Vocabulary enhancement and Grammar Focus

    This product puts an emphasis on vocabulary enhancement with focus on word choice including adjectives verbs and adverbs. Other features such as simple compound and complex sentences connectives spelling punctuation grammar are also tackled making it comprehensive for young learners.

    Versatility in Learning Environments

    Whether it's for use in both whole group learning environments, small groups or even as homework assignments fostering further independent study, this resource is versatile. It not only aids those aiming at examinations but also caters thoughtfully towards those with special needs or English Language Learners.

    Unlock your Student's Potential

    'Lost' aims to unlock your student's potential meticulously and enjoyably. It is readily available for download in convenient portable document format (PDF). This invaluable addition to any language arts curriculum focusing on creative writing helps young learners navigate and master the captivating world of storytelling.

What's Included

4 pages

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