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Plants of Antarctica | Antartica Unit Study | Geography Bundle

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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About This Product

Explore the wonders of Antarctica with our educational product featuring 10 meticulously curated plant cards designed for an enriching learning experience. These cards serve as valuable resources for continent study boxes, centers, or comprehensive unit studies on Antarctica.

Each card is a gateway to discovery, presenting a double-sided design for maximum engagement. The front showcases a realistic photograph accompanied by fundamental information, offering a visual and informative introduction to Antarctic plant life. Flip the card, and you'll find a mini-article on the back, delving into intriguing and unique details about each plant, fostering a deeper understanding of the Antarctic ecosystem.

To enhance the educational journey, we provide a plant match worksheet and a plant report template at the end of the packet. These resources empower students to consolidate their knowledge through reports, summaries, or even oral presentations. The flexibility of this product extends to geography centers, where students can immerse themselves in the diverse flora of Antarctica or kickstart plant reports.

Included in this comprehensive package are dual sets of cards, catering to both the metric and imperial measurement systems. Additionally, an article titled "Can Plants Even Grow in Antarctica?" sparks curiosity, accompanied by thought-provoking questions that encourage critical thinking.

As a bonus, mini labeled photos of the plants are provided for placement around a classroom map of Antarctica, fostering a visually immersive learning environment. Whether you choose to print, laminate, bind, or use a book ring, this product is designed for reuse, ensuring a lasting impact on your educational endeavors. Unearth the hidden botanical treasures of Antarctica with this educational resource, ideal for sparking curiosity and facilitating in-depth exploration.

What You Get:

  • - 10 double sided plant information cards using the metric measurement system

  • - 10 double sided plant information cards using the imperial measurement system

  • - "Can Plants Even Grow in Antarctica?" article and questions

  • - Mini labeled photos of plants to put around map of Antarctica

  • - Plant match worksheet

  • - Plant report template

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