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Play Doh Letters - Letter Boxes

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About This Product

Play-Doh Letters - Letter Boxes

The Play-Doh Letters - Letter Boxes is an engaging teaching resource aimed at promoting literacy at the preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1 to 3 levels. This activity is a fun language arts exercise which allows students to engage with uppercase and lowercase letters using hands-on play dough manipulation.

What is Included in this Play-Doh Letters - Letter Boxes resource:

  • Large printed cards guiding students in forming each letter.

  • Versatile design that fits within various thematic settings including summer, zoo or monkey units.

  • A tactile approach boosting understanding for learners of all styles.

Integration in Classroom

This resource can be used and implemented in multiple ways according to classroom needs:

  1. Small group exercises :

  2. Makes learning more interactive.

  3. Whole class instruction :

  4. Suits large scale teaching models.

  5. Independently-driven learning centers :

  6. Fosters self-learning habits

Note: This tool can also serve as a form of targeted intervention for those requiring additional reinforcement.


This resource comes in PDF file format with a total of 59 pages, ensuring both accessibility and convenience for immediate implementation within your instructional schedule.

For educators seeking creative methods fostering alphabet recognition with proven student engagement success- Play-Doh Letters - Letter Boxes today!

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