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Play Snakes And Ladders: Fun Ways To Practise 3 Letter Words (3 years +)

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About This Product

Play Snakes And Ladders: Fun Ways To Practise 3 Letter Words (3 years +)

An engaging teaching resource designed to assist early learners in reading by utilising the classic game, Snakes and Ladders. This tool creates a playful yet educational environment for children aged three years or older.

Initial Learning Phase

A non-reader starts with the 26 phonic sounds contained in pre-reading material. These serve as essential decoding tools for approximately 80% of English words, thus providing a significant head start. By immersing the learner in vital vowel and consonant sounds such as 'b', 'd' or 'a' as in c...a...t, they are guided towards blending them into three or four-letter words.

User-Friendly Instructions

This resource is highly user-friendly thanks to step-by-step instructions. With these comprehensive guides, children can be encouraged to not just recognize phonic components but also assemble them into complete sentences via fun word games like bingo.

  • Ideal for use in diverse settings - classroom group activities or personal home tutoring sessions
  • Packs created specifically for versatile learning environments
  • Educators may also find these packs helpful homework assignments that extend learning beyond traditional classroom settings

Creative Components and Confidence Building

Children are encouraged to personalize drawings included within packs; fostering creativity alongside literacy growth that keeps engagement high from beginning till end! The provider also emphasizes repetition until every word is mastered – boosting confidence brick-by-brick as their vocabulary expands while having fun!

"Whether your intention is kick-starting the reading ability of your preschooler or boosting linguistic skills amongst kindergarteners, Play Snakes And Ladders: Fun Ways To Practise 3 Letter Words gears up students onto a fast-track route towards mastering primary English vocabularies while ensuring learning remains an enriching experience."

What's Included

- instructions on how to play

- printable snakes and ladders board

- print and cut out list of three letter words

4 pages

Resource Tags

phonics literacy early learning reading practice word games

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