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Words To Play Bingo: Fun Ways To Practise 3 Letter Phonic Words (3 years +)

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About This Product

Words To Play Bingo: Fun Ways To Practise 3 Letter Phonic Words (3 years +)

Words To Play Bingo: Fun Ways To Practise 3 Letter Phonic Words is a powerful teaching resource aimed at enhancing the reading abilities of children aged three and above. This tool is especially useful in establishing the basics of understanding phonics or recognizing sounds in words.

This vibrant learning aid focuses on initial and vowel sounds, which constitute nearly 80% of the English language, with additional content dedicated to aiding learners familiarize themselves with the remaining 20%. The understanding of this remaining percentage is facilitated through sequential exercises.

Educators can use this material during whole-group instruction, small group sessions, or even as an engaging homework assignment. It encourages word building and sentence formation using phonic sounds while maintaining adaptability for different teaching methodologies.

  • Fun Word Games: An additional aspect that makes learning enjoyable is its inclusion of fun word games like snap and bingo. These games not only reinforce understanding but also prompt repeated practice for better grasp before moving forward to more complex concepts.
  • Clear Instructions: A noticeable feature about these packs are their clear instructions that allow easy usage by educators as well as parents looking to supplement their child's learning at home.
  • Palliative measures have been taken Promotes Creativity within Young Learners : Another benefit lies in promoting creativity among young learners. Children are encouraged to personalize drawings contained within this pack — providing them another engagement opportunity while refining critical language art skills.

The file type being PDF allows wide distribution among students either physically or digitally based on preference.

Product Differentiation

What sets Words To Play Bingo apart is its primary focus on phonics – a critical starting point for efficient reading comprehension, catered towards the early Learning levels up to Kindergarten grade level ranking.

In conclusion,

This product serves as a well-rounded material integrating between instructional guides and effectively curated coursework developing fundamental abilities for various stages - an apt choice for anyone looking for practical approaches to foster growth in young readers.

What's Included


- two printable bingo boards

- print and cut out list of words

4 pages

Resource Tags

phonics learning reading skills word games language arts early learning vowel team bingo

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