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Playing Cards To Reinforce Three Letter Words (4-7 years)

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About This Product

Playing Cards To Reinforce Three Letter Words (4-7 years)

This is an ideal teaching resource that suits the needs of preschool, kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 students. It is designed specifically for language arts and phonics instruction with a unique approach to learning three-letter words.

Product Overview

The product consists of printable playing cards aimed at helping children practice and master three-letter phonetic words. The game-based format allows children to engage in matching games such as snap which greatly assists in word recognition and reading fluency.

Significance: Utilizing these engaging resources can dramatically improve students' reading, writing, and spelling skills. Noteworthy:The Playing Cards are part of the innovative 'Zoggy Zero' scheme which uses enjoyable repetitive game-based engagement to establish solid foundational literacy skills.
Versatility & Usability
  • Fits into various teaching methodologies - whole-group lessons or small-group settings.
  • Useful for homework assignments that deliver practical experience coupled with fun.
  • Promotes participation leading to better information retention.
Total pages: An easily manageable 12-page PDF file.
In Summary

The Playing Cards To Reinforce Three Letter Words (4-7 years)

is an outstandingly practical tool capable of enhancing student's understanding in language arts further enriching their academic journey.

What's Included

12 pages

Resource Tags

phonics three-letter words language arts reading fluency matching games

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