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President's Pick | Interactive Graphing Set

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

President's Pick Interactive Graphing Set

The President's Pick Interactive Graphing Set is a comprehensive resource designed to enhance mathematical skills in students specifically in grades one through three. The resource delves into the domain of graphing, explaining from scratch concepts such as tally graphs, picture graphs, and bar graphs.


  • Tips for The Teacher: This gives educators valuable insights and novel ideas on how the materials can be best utilized during lessons, providing unique approaches to teaching for both small group discussions & large classroom settings.
  • Kids’ Graphing Pictures: These vividly colored graphics engaged learners by making abstract math concepts more tangible and relatable. Can be used as whole-group instruction tools or individual homework assignments for enhanced learning.
  • The set also offers tally graphs, picture graphs, & bar graphs. It focuses on counting by ones and twos which accordingly builds critical number sense skills along with graph knowledge. Included are graph questions & drawing tasks that aligns with these charts promoting analytical thinking while ensuring deep concept absorption.
  • 'Tally & Picture Graphs With Own Questions Set': Lets learners explore within the subject matter independently. They get to frame their own correlating queries based on given datasets.

The package comprises 13 ready-to-print PDF pages offering flexible usability options from needing high-quality prints or distributing digital copies amidst remote guided lessons or independent work sessions at home.This ensures consistent educational advancement regardless of location constraints.

In summary, The President's Pick Interactive Graphing Set is an efficient compilation of structured content that adheres to curriculum guidelines plus provides creative strategies towards nurturing mathematical abilities among young learners fulfilling crucial primary grade requirements.

What's Included

1 PDF with 13 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

graphing mathematical skills tally graphs picture graphs bar graphs

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