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Project: French Revolution

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



Jason Stein
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About This Product

The Project: French Revolution

An innovative teaching resource designed to immerse students into the complexities, key figures, and major events of the historical French Revolution. Ideal for public school teachers as well homeschoolers, this project is suitable for grade levels from 9 through 12. Having a primary focus on social studies sub-discipline European history.

Project Approach

Moving beyond traditional pedagogy, this project engages students with their graphic and research skills in a unique and cathartic way. The task involves creating an aesthetically appealing magazine that investigates deeply into the background events of the French revolution.

  • Construction of eight distinct articles forms part of completion standards.

  • Each participant develops succinct biographical profiles featuring seven crucial personalities who played pivotal roles during this era.

Included in Framework:

  1. Detailed explanations delineating all necessary tasks required for successful completion by participants.

  2. A grading rubric providing standard grading guidelines both to educators and learners.

Educational Benefits

Innovative learning focused on European rich history paves pathway not only towards recalling facts or dates but also provides hands-on experience via creativity that enhances comprehension cementing knowledge effectively. Moreover aiding in nurturing tech-savvy global citizens endowed with critical thinking capabilities via tasks involving extensive research leading towards high-level content creations - making their educational journey more interactive & rewarding!


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