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The Reign of Terror Presentation & Notes

The Reign of Terror Presentation & Notes
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

Jason Stein
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About This Product

This is a 22-slide PowerPoint presentation that details the Reign of Terror for your high school history students to learn more about. This presentation will include:

-- The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen

-- The March on Versailles

-- Divisions

-- War

-- Radical Leaders

-- Think Pair Share


How To Use This Resource:


This presentation is broken down into sections to give students the opportunity to take in new (or reviewed) information. Students will have many opportunities to engage in a Think Pair Share. Students will think about a question presented to them, pair up with a partner to discuss the question and then share out their thoughts as a whole group. This increases engagement, builds speaking skills, and solidifies learning for students.


The presentation can be accompanied with a Reign of Terror Skeleton Outline which serves as a great note-taking page for students as they follow along with the presentation. This accompaniment can be printed for all students. It can also be accessed digitally for students to type their answers as they go. The outline, when completed, serves as a great review page for students to hang on to. Students can use their completed notes to review for upcoming assessments.


I hope you enjoy!


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