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Q-Tip Art Packet: Letter H

About This Product

Explore this Q-Tip Art Packet: Letter H tailored for preschool, kindergarten, special education, or homeschool classrooms. This ready-to-use craft activity features 9 printable worksheets. These sheets are versatile and ideal for morning routines, substitute plans, indoor recess, seasonal tasks, activities for early completers, and various other applications.

Items included:

-bubble letter H







-hot dog


This Q-Tip Art Packet: Letter H is great fine motor, as well as visual perceptual skill! Such a fun activity for working on grasp, bilateral hand coordination, and so much more!

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This Q-Tip Art Packet: Letter H interactive activity addresses so many developmental skills including bilateral hand coordination, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, motor planning, and so much more! This is a favorite activity of many toddlers, and preschoolers! Additionally, this is a great activity for children on the autism spectrum. It can be used at home, in the classroom, in a therapy setting, ABA setting, or anywhere! A favorite activity among students and teachers since it is both fun and easy to set up!

This Q-Tip Art Packet: Letter H activity is easily adapted to meet the needs of the kiddos and addressed skills like opening and closing a containers, pressure applied, etc... Furthermore, this activity can be done sitting at a desk, prone on the floor, or even prone on a scooter to incorporate movement! This is also a fantastic activity to take outside and soak up the sunshine!

Please check out all my other Do A Dot Art Packets and Q-Tip Art Packets! I have some for every season, and a bunch of different themed ones! I am also constantly adding to my store! Thank you for your support, I absolutely love creating and sharing resources! It means the work to share these valuable resources with students, teachers, therapists, and parents!

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