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Questions Comments and Connections Games

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About This Product

Questions, Comments, and Connections Games

An interactive teaching resource designed to enhance conversational skills among students.

  • Ideal for kindergarten through grade five.
  • Applicable in general education classrooms as well as special resources subject areas.
  • A fun addition to homeschooling curriculums.

This game rectifies common classroom issues such as children struggling with asking insightful questions or making meaningful comments during discussions. It encourages engagement in the communion of ideas essential for vibrant discussions.

Components and Functionality:

A focus on significant dialogue elements such as question-asking, commenting, and making connections provides kids with-needed practice for substantial improvement. The product comprises eight distinct game boards suitable for all levels of conversational abilities. Half of these boards are high-color while the remaining display a more subdued color palette to minimize visual distractions during learning sessions.

    Included in the set:
  • 'Question Starter Cards' - aids learners who need pre-set prompts during activities.
  • Visual aids - cater to both visually-oriented learners and those comfortable handling text-based information.

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    1. \textit{Illustrations} - depict children involved in social activities to help expand vocabulary and practice pragmatic language skills.


    A crucial aspect of the game is the inclusion of three differently leveled spinners, offering a balance between chance and knowledge-driven gameplay. This resource opens up avenues for whole group instruction or small group workstations, infusing learning with a fun atmosphere.

What's Included

Included Please Find:

Game Boards

2 Full Color Game Board: A Variety of pictures, to use with cards {pictures are mostly of objects}

2 Low Color Game Board: A Variety of new pictures, to use without cards {pictures are mostly of objects}

2 Full Color Game Board: to use with cards {pictures are of kids in social scenarios}

2 Low Color Game Board: to use without cards {new pictures of kids in social scenarios}

Prompt Cards

Question Starter Cards: Words and Sentence Starters

Comments Written Cards

Connections Written Cards

Comments Visual Cards

Questions Visual Cards

Connections Visual Cards

Spinners & Arrows

3 Spinners: One for each level of game

3 Arrows

Resource Tags

interactive teaching conversational skills communication habits question-asking comment-giving

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