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"WH" Questions Activity Boards, Set 2 | Differentiated For K-5th Grade

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About This Product

"WH" Questions Activity Boards, Set 2

The "WH" Questions Activity Boards, Set 2, equips teachers with inclusive tools designed to refine students' conversational capabilities for Kindergarten to 5th grade. This approach is particularly helpful for learners who face struggles in expressing themselves or showing curiosity about others. Targeting this often overlooked component of communication will enhance pupils’ abilities to form more meaningful connections.

Diverse Proficiency Levels

The resource offers four proficiency tiers reflecting the complexity of varying question starters such as "Where", "When", and "Who". Teachers can comfortably blend these boards into their curriculum dependent on each student's progress and requirements using them in a number of settings including:

  • Whole-group sessions.
  • Small-focused groups.
  • Homework assignments.

In turn, this engaging structure promotes equal participation from all as they aim to ask one another questions related to given topics and simultaneously mark off the relevant question box on the board.

Eye-catching Visuals & Customization Feature

Besides being an effective learning tool, these activity boards also feature interesting visual designs that naturally attract students towards them. Additionally, it allows learners the chance to create personalized background designs thus driving motivation levels even higher.

Packed With Variety

This resource pack includes:

  • A total of 37 pages encapsulating four styles of boards in differing complexity levels - right from simple question starters reaching up till more challenging ones.
  • An additional bonus is the 'free choice' option where students can independently select which starter they wish to use.
  • Wide-ranging topic cards in both pictorial and textual versions, thus expanding this activity's scope even more.

Specially Tailored for Special Education Needs (SEN)

The key focus on SEN means it can serve students following an adapted syllabus as well proving the central theme of 'inclusivity' within this resource. The convenience of a readily usable digital file format (PDF) facilitates its easy incorporation into any teacher’s toolkit at hand regardless of the teaching scenario.

Bottom-Line: A Boost For Inquiry Skills

Leverage the power of the "WH" Questions Activity Boards to enrich your students’ questioning skills; fostering a shift from self-centric communication towards expressing interest in others - facilitating excellent education through excellent conversations!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 37 Pages

Board Style 1: Six boards with question starters; Where, When, Who, What

Board Style 2: Six boards with more difficult question starters; Which, Why, How, Do/Did

Board Style 3: Six boards with all question starters; Where, When, Who, What, Which, Why, How, Do/Did combined on one board

Board Style 4: Six boards with boxes to mark off when a question was asked and when a comment was stated. Students must decide which question starter to use.

4 No Background boards 1 page per activity. Have students draw their own high interest background!

18 Topic Cards- Pictures

18 Topic Cards- Written

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question starters conversational skills communication engagement inclusive education

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