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Quit Copying Me! Mimicry in Nature: A Cross-Curricular Unit

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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Quit Copying Me! Mimicry in Nature: A Cross-Curricular Unit

This highly engaging teaching resource, designed specifically for 5th and 6th-grade educators, sheds light on the fascinating science of zoology. It especially focuses on how animals utilize incredible mimicry techniques and camouflage to trick other animals.

An Informative Nonfiction Article

The unit revolves around a factual nonfiction article that unveils the intricate details about these fascinating survival tactics. This content is perfect for whole group learning, projected onto a screen or printed out for smaller groups or individual study.

Worksheets that Enhance Learning

  • The package includes well-structured worksheets that not only reinforce subject knowledge but also enhance problem-solving skills.
  • These can be assimilated into classroom exercises or given as homework assignments, providing the necessary flexibility for different instructional settings.

Addition Activity Ideas

To maintain student engagement throughout the study period, the unit has supplementary activities laid out. These serve to further enrich classroom discussions and forge a strong connection between new concepts learned about animal behaviour with previously studied topics in zoology.

A Versatile Educational Resource

"Quit Copying Me! Mimicry in Nature: A Cross-Curricular Unit", is ideal whether you are a public school teacher looking for innovative lesson plans or a homeschooler creating an immersive educational experience. It embodies theory aided by practical exercises creating an excellent approach to teach scientific concepts from various perspectives. Moreover, being an accessible seven-page PDF makes it exceptionally user-friendly regardless of your education environment.

In Conclusion...

This resource isn't limited to delivering lessons; it's designed to foster a learning atmosphere where learning naturally evolves out of the curiosity and intrigue sparked by nature's brilliant mimicry and camouflage. Embrace this unit into your curriculum plan and witness the transformation in your students' understanding of zoology.

What's Included

1 PDF with 7 ready to print pages

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