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Rap With The Facts - SUBTRACTION Songs

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About This Product

Rap With The Facts - SUBTRACTION Songs: Making Subtraction Learner-Friendly One Beat at a Time!

'Rap With The Facts - SUBTRACTION Songs' is an exciting teaching resource that transforms the typically difficult subject of subtraction into a fun and engaging learning experience. It capitalizes on the rhythmic patterns inherent in math and brings them to life through the medium of rap. This innovative pairing serves as an excellent tool for teachers seeking an interesting, accessible way to teach subtraction skills with minuends up to 18.

The Package
  • Playful yet educational approach proving that learning can be energizing and rhythm-infused rather than boring or monotonous.
  • No less than 38 songs bundled together in one easy-to-access zip file.
  • A state-of-the-art, audio-based format designed for today's tech-forward environment thus providing versatility.

Who Can Benefit?

The primary audience includes preschoolers through Grade 2 students. However, this audio compilation isn't confined to traditional classroom settings; it's equally beneficial for homeschooling parents or those wanting to supplement school instruction at home—showcasing the broad potential when creativity drives education! The songs can be employed in group activities where listening skills are sharpened simultaneously with numeracy skills, positioning it as a dual-purpose educational strategy!

In addition,
  • Kids can listen at home either individually or together with their parents making homework time a more enjoyable experience filled with rhythms!

A Powerful Change Agent Beyond Teaching

The 'Rap With The Facts - SUBTRACTION Songs' package extends its influence beyond just education: blending knowledge and entertainment makes it instrumental in reshaping children's perceptions towards math—one beat at a time!

In conclusion, this resource provides teachers with an inventive and practical approach to subtraction teaching. Its user-friendly format makes learning interactive, leading to both enjoyable and profound experiences. If you're looking to subtract the drudgery from subtraction instruction, 'Rap With The Facts - SUBTRACTION Songs' is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results!

What's Included

1 zip file with 38 songs

Resource Tags

subtraction rap math songs teaching resource educational music

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