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Reading Comprehension: Fact and Opinion

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Reading Comprehension: Fact and Opinion

An instrumental teaching resource designed to enhance the reading and comprehension skills of children. This product primarily suits students in Grade 5 up to Grade 8, perfect for classroom educators, homeschooling parents, and caregivers.

"Fact and Opinion" Chapter Slice

The "Fact and Opinion" chapter slice is part of the broader "Reading Comprehension" instruction series focusing on a critical aspect of reading mastery - discerning facts from opinions. This technique forms a robust foundation for understanding various texts while equipping learners with essential communication skills.

Vital Reading Acquisition Building Blocks Emphasized

  • Context Clues
  • Inference Understanding
  • Main Idea Determination

Framed with definitions of essential terms throughout the product file, learners get guidance as they practice what they learn in an intuitive manner using this user-friendly resource.


The lesson plan's versatility allows for effective use in different settings. Whether educators wish to implement it during whole group instruction or small cluster learning sessions or even assign it as homework, they can custom-tailor its usage according to their needs.

Bloom’s Taxonomy & Common Core State Standards Adherence Assessment Tools

    Framework alignment guaranteed with adherence to both Bloom's Taxonomy frameworks. Compliance with Common Core State Standards assures its relevance. Bookended by detailed lesson plans focusing specifically on Language Arts comprehension tailored explicitly around upper elementary- middle schoolers' requirements.
    ``` Delivered through one user-friendly PDF file – use Reading Comprehension: Fact and Opinion as an invaluable addition to your educational toolkit. ```

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