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Reading Comprehension: Fact and Opinion - FLASH-PC

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Reading Comprehension: Fact and Opinion - FLASH-PC

FLASH-PC is an valuable teaching program created to help students from grades 5 through 8 understand the distinction between fact and opinion within reading comprehension. It's a critical skill to promote higher literacy levels and strengthen critical thinking—keys for academic success. The software features activities that engage middle-grade learners in studying this topic deeply.

Interactive Learning Approach

The program comes in a single zip file compatible with PC systems. It employs an interactive approach making learning both enjoyable and effective, offering "before-you-read" and "after-you-read" questions to emphasize the principles being taught. This method enforces active involvement of the students before they even start reading.

Critical Reading Passages Feature

A unique feature of this resource are the Reading Passages that bring every matter alive for students.
In addition, there are a variety of printables that:

  • Allow educators to assign homework tasks which reinforce acquired knowledge,
  • Add physical elements into classroom lessons,
  • Suitable for after school commitments,
  • Ideal for small or large group settings requiring intensive guidance.

The Vocabulary Flash Cards Feature

Vocabulary flash cards integrated into the package offer an easy way for learners to broaden their language base while simultaneously enhancing their comprehension abilities by introducing them with new words they will encounter during reading sessions.

The Graphic Organizers Tool

Included within this package are graphic organizers which enhance understanding by visibly displaying connections amongst facts or ideas within text content. These tools enable students to break down multifaceted ideas into manageable components, fostering vital thinking skills like sequencing, categorization and determining cause-effect relationships.

Additional Interactive Activities

The software goes beyond basic worksheets and incorporates other fun activities where students can engage more actively in their learning process.
Through valuable features provided in the Reading Comprehension: Fact and Opinion – FLASH PC toolkit today’s educators can make studying an exciting process rather than a mundane routine typically associated with traditional classroom learning.

In summary, Reading Comprehension: Fact and Opinion - FLASH-PC acts as a flexible partner for all educators. It aligns well with different teaching approaches to harmoniously meet individual learner needs. This helpful resource is waiting for your discovery!

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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language arts comprehension reading fact and opinion reading passages

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