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Real World Life Skills - Self-Sustainability Skills: Coping with Life - Google Slides Gr. 6-12+ (SPED)

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Life Skills



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About This Product

Real World Life Skills - Self-Sustainability Skills: Coping with Life - Google Slides

An all-encompassing teaching resource constructed for middle and high school students (Grades 6-12) to communicate indispensable life skills fostering personal reliability and adaptability.

About this Resource:

  • This resource forms a crucial part of the 'Coping with Life' module from the Real World Life Skills - Self-Sustainability plan.
  • A combination of engaging themes and succinct vocabulary makes this tool conducive for students across diverse learning tiers.
  • Puts major emphasis on developing resilience in the face of adversity along with managements skills to navigate situations not under their control.

This product strictly adheres to State Standards while also incorporating elements of Bloom's Taxonomy framework, ensuring comprehensive information delivery via active learning principles.

Key Features:

  • Made interactive through Google Slides format enabling activities like drag-and-drop tasks and comprehension assessments following each reading section.
  • Ideal for remote learning as materials can be distributed virtually, also allows educators to review completed tasks remotely.
  • The package includes a startup manual detailing integration methods into your teaching practices along with an exhaustive answer key matching all activities included .
  • Access & Use:

      Your purchase yields a single-use link providing access to24 dynamic slides , presenting copious topics related to 'Coping With Life. This positions itself as an invaluable asset tailored specifically for training critical self-sustainability skills whether it's classroom-based, small group instruction or designated homework.
    Wide Applicability:

    Given the resources' compatibility with grades extending well into senior years and their utilization across various subjects (Life Skills, Special Resources), this tool becomes a vital addition to any educational toolkit.

What's Included

1 Google slides link with 24 interactive slides

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