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Rebus Chants A to Z Gr. K-1

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Rebus Chants A to Z Gr. K-1 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Rebus Chants A to Z Gr. K-1

Rebus Chants A to Z Gr. K-1 is a meticulously designed teaching resource aimed at instilling reading habits and enhancing reading skills in young learners of kindergarten and Grade 1. 

The Concept behind the Product

The central concept underpinning this resource is 'repetition fosters achievement'. With well-composed chants, learners have an opportunity to demonstrate 'reading like' behaviour while experiencing a sense of accomplishment.

Diverse Learning Approaches

  • The repetition embedded within the chants augments understanding, enhances memory recall, and reinforces the familiarity of letters.
  • An innovative teaching method encourages students to trace each chant with their fingers serving dual purposes - word recognition and pacing with picture words depicted in each lesson.
  • Key elements like double letters, phonics rules, punctuation marks, repeated words or line beginnings serve multiple objectives such as engaging oral comprehension initially followed by written identification using underlining, circling or colouring mechanisms.

Tailored for Teachers’ needs

A crucial feature is including teacher notes which ensures educators are equipped with all necessary information while carrying out activities that provide unique interactive learning experiences. Furthermore, the big book assembly allows for smooth comprehension and knowledge-sharing making it appropriate for whole group sessions yet adaptable enough for small group projects or homework assignments – versatility at its best!  

Ease-of-use across platforms

All files come optimised as PDFs making its use seamless across various digital platforms thereby expanding its reach amongst home-schoolers alike. 

Comprehensive Coverage
  • This comprehensive Lesson Plan unit adeptly covers the core subject areas notably Art & Music thereby incorporating a creative touch into daily teaching sessions enhancing focus and participation.

Rebus Chants A to Z Gr.K-1 is an innovative approach that provides tried-and-tested strategies encapsulated in easy-to-implement teachings. It is geared towards achieving desired outcomes by reinforcing literacy skills among early learners.

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