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Reducing Your Community's Carbon Footprint: Some Green Towns and Cities Gr. 5-8

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Reducing Your Community's Carbon Footprint: Some Green Towns and Cities Gr. 5-8

An enlightening teaching resource designed to engage students in understanding the impact of their community's carbon footprint and global climate change.

Target Audience - Grades 5 through 8

This material is perfect for both traditional classrooms and homeschool environments.

Understanding Environmental Science:
  • Cause and effects of global warming
  • Green living practices
  • The heat island effect caused by cities altering local climates
Varying Topics included:

The shift Cuba made transitioning its farming system to using no fossil fuels within a decade, providing valuable lessons about globally-adopted green practices. Additionally, it encourages students to apply learned concepts such as reducing the travel footprint of their communities through topical discussion prompts.

Teaching Methods Flexibilty:

The material can be adapted into diverse teaching methods whether one prefers small group activities or full class discussions, proving its versatility at home or in the classroom environment. It may even be assigned as homework focusing on environmental consciousness given its comprehensive content suitable for self-study.

Incorporated Learning Initiatives:
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy aligned content
  • ,
  • STEAM initiatives adoption
  • ,
  • Included tools like graphic organizers make learning hands-on
  • ,
  • A carbon footprint calculator,
  • .
  • Crossword puzzles, word searches, comprehension quizzes along with answer keys contribute towards creating an immersive educational experience..

Inspiration Through Real-world Examples

Students will learn about various green towns and cities around the world that have successfully reduced their carbon emissions, and promoted sustainable living. This may also fuel their enthusiasm to brainstorm similar changes within their own communities.


Reducing Your Community's Carbon Footprint: Some Green Towns and Cities Gr. 5-8 is an engaging resource empowering students to make a difference while envisioning a greener future.

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