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Robert Burns Poetry Study | Poetry Lesson | Scottish Poetry |

Robert Burns Poetry Study | Poetry Lesson | Scottish Poetry |
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About This Product

Robert Burns Poetry Study | Poetry Lesson | Scottish Poetry

This teaching resource is an integration of the element of poetry into Language Arts instruction, with particular focus on the work of Scotland's beloved poet Robert Burns. Available for use in a whole group setting, small group sessions or individual homework, it blends educational proficiency and artistry through printable learning material beautifully illustrated with hand-painted watercolors.

What does this package include?

  • A visually striking Robert Burns poster
  • Inspiring quote prints directly from his poetic verses
  • Illustrated selections of Burn’s poetry for deep engagement
  • Handwriting tracing boards featuring quotes from Burn’s verses promoting handwriting mastery

Beyond Basic Literacy Skills - Innovative Inclusions:

The pack doesn't just stop at honing basic literacy skills but goes a step further offering six anatomy prints showcasing Scottish culture illustrations such as:

  1. Rose
  2. Roe Deer
  3. Bagpipes
  4. The national flower Thistle,
  5. The hardy plant Heather and , The iconic Highland cow,,

    In addition, a journal background page has been designed to spur creative thinking during writing tasks. These materials could also be used as props in Science classes while discussing plant or animal biology or in Social Studies while examining Scotland’s culture! The potential application possibilities are unbound in nature hence extremely flexible!

    All these are now available to you as a single downloadable PDF file! Get ready to immerse your students in the enchanting world of Robert Burns with this all-encompassing Poetry Study pack!

What's Included

It includes:

- A Robert Burns Poster

- 2 Quote Prints

- 3 Illustrated Poetry Selections

- 3 Matching handwriting Tracing Boards

- 6 Anatomy Prints (Rose, Roe Deer, Bagpipes, Thistle, Heather, and Highland Cow

- One Journal Background page.

Resource Tags

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