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Roles of the President | A Day in the Life of the President of the United States

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Mister Harms
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About This Product

What does the President of the United States do anyway? Throughout the day, the President wears many hats and is responsible for many different roles within the Executive Branch. This engaging mini-lesson is an excellent way for students to comprehend all roles played by the President. "Roles of the President" is an engaging resource for any unit that studies the President or the Executive Branch. The 7 roles studied include: Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Party Chief, Economic Chief, Legislative Leader, & Head of State.

What's Included

Now includes an additional Google Drive version and/or a Google Forms version to assign in Google Classroom.

Complete set of instructional directions for the teacher

Two page student reading that explains the seven major roles played by the President. Each role has a summary explanation along with several specific examples

Directions for skits as students will explain each role through acting out scenarios

Assessment with 14 questions that reads like a story, explaining a day in the life of the President. As the story reads, scenarios are underlined and students must identify what role is being played by the President. For example: "...after being briefed on the news, the President receives an urgent call from the King of Saudi Arabia to discuss plans for the upcoming peace summit involving many Middle Eastern countries...." - Students will identify which of the 7 presidential roles is being played in this scenario.

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