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Roll and Draw A Wacky Turkey Activity Pack

Roll and Draw A Wacky Turkey Activity Pack
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About This Product

Roll and Draw A Wacky Turkey Activity Pack

An exciting tool for stimulating your students' imaginative capacities, this activity pack has been thoughtfully designed for learners from kindergarten to grade 5. It's a unique blend of art and games that keeps children thoroughly engaged, and is ideal as a cross-curricular resource targeting Art & Music.

Interactive Features Enhance Learning

This game provides educators an opportunity to introduce drawing as an entertaining, yet educational pursuit. Due to the lack of any required prior knowledge or preparation on the teachers' part, it epitomizes ease of use but doesn't compromise its intention: nourishing creativity in young minds.

Festive Theme Adds Fun Element

The theme revolves around ‘wacky turkeys’, apt for Thanksgiving-themed lessons or bringing alive the aura of fall season in classrooms and homeschool setups alike. This pretext cleverly introduces students to components of creativity such as decision-making via dice rolls; penciling outlines; coloring within boundaries.

Included in this Activity Pack:

  • A Wacky Turkey Roll and Draw Dice Game Sheet: Ideal for solo play or classroom contests.
  • A Group Activity Page: Fosters teamwork among small groups.
  • Five Unique Border Drawing Pages: Further refines student’s artistic skills.

Merging concentration exercises with fun, this pack helps students master fine arts while enjoying their journey into creativity!

Digital Readiness Ensured!

Note– This package is available only for personal/educational usage. Also keeping our growing digital needs intact– it comes ready-to-use/share as a PDF format.

It's not just a resource– It's a stepping stone towards nurturing self-motivated learners intrigued by elements like form and color, across age groups!

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