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Scatter Plots & Two-Way Tables TASK CARDS

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About This Product

Scatter Plots & Two-Way Tables TASK CARDS

This exciting teaching resource aligns with the 8th grade Statistics & Probability Standards as outlined in CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.SP.A. It helps make math learning interesting and interactive for your students, using scatter plots to demonstrate bivariate measurement data, patterns of association, and relationships between two quantitative variables.

Your purchase will include:

  • 20 vibrant and easy-to-read printable task cards,
  • An inclusive student answer sheet,
  • A comprehensive answer key for correct solutions leading to lesser time spent on creating assessment answers.

The tasks within this package cover various topics including:

  • Scatter plots,
  • Outliers,Linear association, andData summarization via two-way tables. Note: This purchase grants license only for one instructor's usage in their class sessions - they're nontransferable nor it could be shared even within same school without buying required licenses separately ensuring fair distribution among educators while respecting copyright norms simultaneously. Inappropriate Usage Warning: No parts of these resources are permitted to be uploaded onto unprotected Internet sites hence maintaining internet ethics while protecting the interest of valued customers.

    Suitable For Various Settings

    Using this resource isn't limited just to traditional classroom settings. It can also be used:
    1. In a small group setting or assignment mode allowing personalised learning experiences based on individual abilities.
    2. At home or in computer labs as a reference for guided study, encouraging independent learning outside school hours.

    Instant Availability

    This resource is provided as simple PDF files, making it ready to use instantly just after the download. Get this fantastic teaching pack aimed at Grade 8 Math teachings, emphasising on Statistics sub-topics, and introduce an experiential style of education today!

What's Included

It contains the following resources:

1) 20 Printable Task Cards

2) Printable Student Answer Sheet

3) Answer Key

4) Optional version of Task Card file without answer key to POST ONLINE for students to reference at home or in a computer lab.

Resource Tags

Scatter plots Two-way tables Bivariate data Linear association Outliers

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