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School's Out | Social Skills Story

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

School's Out | Social Skills Story: A Valuable Teaching Tool

A remarkable tool for imparting life skills to children, this resource enables educators to present complex information in a simplified, digestible manner.

Target Audience and Aims

Primarily developed for students facing anxiety about moving from one grade to another, it serves as a source of comfort. It is designed most appropriately for younger learners between Kindergarten and Grade 3. The main developmental focus is Life Skills.

Versatile Use in Classroom Scenarios

  • The story can be used in whole class scenarios or focused instruction within smaller groups.
  • Easily adapted according to the needs of individuals requiring extra assistance during transitions.
An Engaging Learning Material
School's Out | Social Skills Story, creatively included among a 20-page layout with colorful illustrations representing both boys and girls equally.

Homeschooling Value

In times when schools are closed or during regular teaching periods, even homeschooling parents can find great utility out of this resource as they guide their children in transitioning between grades at home.

Presentation & Accessibility
Available as PDF files under the category - 'Special Resources'. Parents or teachers may access it using diverse platforms such as tablets or computers. The School's Out | Social Skills Story: More than just a story, it includes lessons on adapting to changing routines, thus fostering psychological resilience amongst our young learners. An essential addition that supplements academic objectives flawlessly.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 20 Pages:

Choose Your Cover:

Boy/Girl/or Boy and Girl

Social Story: In Color, Great For Classroom Use, Showing Boys & Girls

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social skills anxiety management transition support life skills empathy training

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