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Science Seek and Find Plants and Animals

Science Seek and Find Plants and Animals
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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Science Seek and Find Plants and Animals Resource

The Science Seek and Find Plants and Animals resource is an engaging teaching tool, designed specifically for educators working with students in grades 2 through 4. This resource integrates botany learning with effective pedagogical practices as part of the science curriculum.


This tool provides students a view into plants and animals knowledge. The twenty meticulously designed lessons intended to enhance young learners understanding on diverse characteristics, habitats, and intrinsic fascinations surrounding flora and fauna.


Each lesson boasts finely detailed illustrations that encourage deeper understanding—reinforcing knowledge while stimulating curiosity. Engaging artwork across brings dual benefits: capturing attention while offering useful visual cues for memory enhancement.

    This tool can adapt to several formats:
  • In-class whole group instruction - Provokes discussions around animals & plants fostering critical thinking
  • In smaller group instruction - Encourages detailed exploration of each aspect discussed related to flora & fauna
  • As individual homework - Assists learners at their pace in unravelling key concepts about botany while encouraging them to know more about the immense animal diversity across earth's habitats
Digital Format:

We offer this product in a user-friendly PDF format which can be smoothly integrated into your lesson strategy, maintaining focus on learner outcomes without compromising on fun during the science learning journey – all set to light their interest path towards natural sciences from early age.

In Nutshell...

"Science Seek & Find: Plants &Animals" helps build bridges between fact-based education application including creative exploration giving enriching experience for student through comprehensive understanding leaning toward scientific literacy concerning plant life along triggering curiosity regarding myriad gorgeous species sharing Earth with us.

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