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SEL Daily Openers/Bellringers | Self-Motivation and Self Discipline

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Make sure you are teaching SEL on a daily basis with these SEL Daily Openers and Weekly Lessons!

Each of these resources are themed around a common topic with a specific objective for each week. Spend the first 10 minutes of each with a no-prep ready to go activity!

Topic: Self-Management

Objective: I can exhibit self-motivation and self-discipline.

Simply display the teacher Google Slides and pass out the student handbook and engage your students in an SEL topic through bellringers (CASEL aligned) while you can focus on their individual emotional needs. Additionally, you get one ready-to-use SEL lesson, all aligned to the topic and objective for the week. Finally, an easy way to manage meaningful SEL lessons!!!

What is included: 1 Week's Worth of Material--

  • Lesson Description and Explanation

  • Mental Health Check-Ins

  • Teacher Slides - 5 slides- one per day (Google Slide Deck and PDF Versions)

  • Student Handbook - 6 pages - 5 days and title slide (Colored or Black and White Versions) (also included on Google Slide Deck)

  • SEL Activity- Social Story- Getting Homework Done- an interactive book/printable designed give students strategies to complete their homework independently with success.

Daily Opener Activities -

  1. Post-Its : Students jot down their prior knowledge of the topic

  2. Social Scenario: students read a social scenario and then write how they would respond to it

  3. Be the Artist: students draw a picture related to the objective

  4. Word Search: students complete a word search related to the topic

  5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: students see how THEY can achieve the objective of the week by drawing a picture of themselves being successful at it.

How I would use in my classroom--

I LOVE using a bellringer/opener/starter. Whatever language you use in your class, they are the best! We all know that the first few minutes is always chaos in the classroom. You have to address student needs, take attendance, and the other billion things that come up the first second your students see you. This activity is a great way to gain those 10-15 minutes back so that you can address those needs.

The students start off by filling out the mental health check-in. This tiny addition to my classroom has made SO MUCH DIFFERENCE for my relationships with students. Students simply color in if they are filling Red, Yellow, or Green in that moment. You will pre-teach what those different things mean and how you will respond to them when you see student responses. Then, you simply glance over student's shoulders to see how students are coming into the classroom. I have different ways to handle when students are yellow and red, but you can customize this to your own responses. This will allow to you prove to your students that their emotional needs are valid will be met when they enter your classroom.

Then, students complete the activity on the board and in their workbook. These will be the same each week with a different prompt. Familiarly is the BEST classroom management strategy. Once students get use to completing these, they will know exactly what to do each day they complete these activities.

Once a week, there is a weekly lesson aligned with objective for that week! This week is a social story that gives students strategies on how to be successful completing their homework. Kids and parents really appreciate this activity!

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