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SEL Fun Mat-All About Feelings!

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

SEL Fun Mat-All About Feelings!

A practical and engaging sel-resourced tool that assists students in understanding and expressing their emotions. This interactive educational accessory is an excellent asset for any teacher, whether they are overseeing a traditional classroom or homeschooling, targeting the primary school years - kindergarten through grade 2.

About the Fun Mat

Specifically designed for use with social-emotional learning (SEL), this fun mat offers four distinct activities that allow children to explore their feelings in an educative and enjoyable manner. The design incorporates elements like cartoons, scrambled words, mazes, and drawing prompts to make emotional education insightful yet fun! The mat can be printed on legal size paper (8.5 X 14) for generous space.

Suggested Use
  • The durability of the mat can be enhanced by laminating it after printing.
  • Incorporate it during morning work after SEL sessions for reinforcement of knowledge.
  • Set tasks on the mat as homework assignments following lessons about feelings in class exercises - serves dual purposes by allowing revisions along with ensuring active learning outside classrooms too!

Main Features

  • A labyrinth where up to four students work together to steep towards a heart symbol—an endeavor signifying emotional discovery or growth.

Vocabulary Boosters:
Word scrambles below each illustrated emotion challenge children's vocabulary as they unscramble terms connected with specific sentiments.
Facial Drawings:
  • Creative outlets like two blank faces are present where young learners get opportunities to draw interpretations of their own emotional states—provides a sensory way of understanding self-expression better.
  • Four cartoon-style characters with various facial expressions indicate different feelings. Children can then match the words describing these emotions with the corresponding characters.
    Besides the actual product, an answer sheet helps simplify teachers' grading process significantly for ultimate user-friendliness! The SEL Fun Mat-All About Feelings aims to be a core part of your educational tools aiding in an immersive and interactive social-emotional learning experience.

    What's Included

    A legal size product with 4 feeling activities.

    Resource Tags

    SEL emotions interactive learning self-expression social-emotional learning

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