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Senses,Nervous & Respiratory Systems: The Respiratory System - FLASH-PC

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Human Body


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Senses, Nervous & Respiratory Systems: The Respiratory System - FLASH-PC

An educational resource designed for science teachers and educators working with students in grade 5 through grade 8.

This comprehensive teaching tool provides a full exploration of the human respiratory system as part of the broader exploration into human senses, nervous and respiratory systems. It comes as a zip file with PC software that can be easily incorporated into your digital learning resources.

Main Features:

  • In-depth mini chapter on the ins and outs of our vital breathing mechanism that aligns perfectly with Common Core State Standards, ensuring factual accuracy while encouraging critical thought.
  • Reading passages structured around “Before You Read” and “After You Read” questions enabling educators to assess understanding before moving forward while promoting retention through recall exercises after each section.
  • A range of printable resources suitable for in-class activities or homework assignments aimed at reinforcing knowledge gained via reading materials.
  • Vocabulary flashcards to aid mastering scientific terminology relating to identified themes within this unit. Note: These flashcards greatly enhance student literacy skills catering to different learning styles – auditory learners will find them especially useful when forming mental images associated with new terminology.
  • Fascinating interactive video activities for stimulating knowledge acquisition beyond textbook-style learning by appealing towards visual-spatial intelligence. This encourages deeper engagement and comprehension among visual learners.

Possible Implementations:

This resource provides flexible future implementations whether it suits whole group lessons best during traditional class-setting instruction or small groups during lab-sessions promoting peer-learning dynamics; even individual self-study sessions have been factored into this multifaceted offering making it an homogenous mix suiting assorted teaching modes aimed at optimum learner-outcomes.

In conclusion, Senses, Nervous & Respiratory Systems: The Respiratory System - FLASH-PC makes an excellent basis for any educator wanting to explore this fascinating area of human science in an engaging, informative and effective manner with middle school students.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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