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Senses, Nervous & Respiratory Systems - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 5-8 | PC Software

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Senses, Nervous & Respiratory Systems - Digital Lesson Plan Gr. 5-8 | PC Software

This comprehensive teaching resource is designed to help educators unravel the wonders of the human body for students in Grades 5 through 8. This interactive tool uniquely focuses on:

  • The five senses
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system.

With its professionally crafted content of 80 screen-pages, students embark on a fascinating journey exploring intricate parts of their own bodies. Their journey begins with:

  1. An analysis of the major components of the human nervous system and their specific functions - providing an invaluable foundation for understanding how physical sensations are transmitted to our brains.
  2. An insightful look at our five senses—sight, hearing, touch smell and taste which places participants directly into understanding how we interact with our surroundings using these vital organ systems.
  3. A detailed examination concluding this learning adventure—a marvel that allows us to breathe life-sustaining oxygen while eliminating waste gases from the body globally known as respiratory system.

The unique features provide a variety of interactive features that make learning highly engaging and enjoyable with ready-made screens offer: pre-and post-reading activities; test preparations aimed at reinforcing information acquired from reading passages; memory match games; crossword puzzles; word searches plus high-quality video clips & audio recordings—all for an unforgettable multi-media educational experience!

This software adapts seamlessly across different instructional styles – be it whole group teaching or small group instruction—and can easily be assigned for homework review assignments too! It is State Standards aligned and written within Bloom's Taxonomy framework making it not just an informational piece, but ignites meaningful learning experiences. It is easily downloadable making it a great asset for both homeschoolers and school teachers alike instilling curiosity about the human body among young learners.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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