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Shapes Activities Worksheets Set 18

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About This Product

Shapes Activities Worksheets Set 18 helps students in grades K-2 develop key visual perception and cognitive skills. The 3 practical worksheets focus on basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles and rhombus. The progressive design guides students from simple to complex shape differentiation by quantity, size, outline thickness, filled color vs outlined shapes. Students match, replicate and connect shapes while maintaining attributes. Interactive elements like rotating matching shape wheels boost engagement. Connecting similar shapes reinforces visual perception. Beyond the classroom, this versatile resource suits mainstream or special education needs like speech or occupational therapy. The straightforward layouts work great for worksheets, task cards, mini books, teaching centers and homework. This math resource builds a strong foundation in shapes through engaging, multi-use visuals. The 3-page PDF comprises shape worksheets allowing students to match shapes and distinguish attributes while honing visual perception and early geometry skills.

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