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Shapes Activities Worksheets Set 15

About This Product

Shapes Activities Worksheets Set 15 This 3-page PDF teaches students in grades K-2 to recognize basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rhombi. The worksheets progress in complexity, building skills like differentiating quantity, size, outline thickness, and filled/outlined colors. Students will hone visual perception by replicating shapes in blank frames. Other interactive tasks have students rotate shapes on wheels and connect matching shapes. This allows for repeated shape attribute practice. Beyond the classroom, these versatile worksheets serve special education needs or speech/occupational therapy. The straightforward layouts work for teaching centers, homework, and one-on-one instruction. With minimalistic yet purposeful design, this resource lays foundations for math concepts through engaging shape matching. Teachers modify the PDF into task cards or mini-books as needed. Ultimately, the 3-page PDF builds visual perception, cognition, and early geometry skills among mainstream or special needs students.

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