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A valuable learning resource designed to nurture and enhance the visual - spatial abilities and writing skills of young learners . With the help of vividly colored outline cards, this innovative product assists in expanding a student's comprehension of fundamental shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rhombuses .

Product Details :

  • Rich Collection : This set includes 144 distinctly designed cards that gradually introduce complexities revolving around quantity, size, frame thickness, filled color and position . These thoughtful inclusions fuel cognitive flexibility among children while boosting their spatial reasoning skills .

  • Versatile Usage : Can be effectively used with students having special education needs ( SEN ) from kindergarten to grade 2 . Its adaptive design allows educators to use it for matching activities or handwriting practice; they may even cultivate complex models using multiple cards for student reproduction through arrangement or writing .

  • Easily Accessible Format : Offered as a straightforward 148 - page PDF file that can be conveniently printed out at whim . An indispensable tool for whole class instruction as well as smaller focused groups . It is ideal not just for classrooms but is adaptable enough for homeschooling contexts too .

Beyond Shapes Matching Activities : Integration with Math Lessons .

This resource can also be easily integrated into math lessons — helping pupils understand geometric concepts more clearly while simultaneously strengthening fine motor skills through pattern copying on paper or via card arrangements .

In Summary :
The SHAPES MATCHING + COPYING CARDS act as an engaging educational tool adept at combining fun with crucial early development concepts — coaxing bright young students to develop problem- solving strategies one colorful shape at a time .

148 - page PDF .

Many more resources on cognitive and perceptual skills you can find on WORDS ASIDE .

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shapes matching copying visual-spatial abilities fine motor skills occupational therapy visual perception match to sample independent work words aside

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