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Smores Emotions Menu-- Feelings Chart and Reference Poster

Smores Emotions Menu-- Feelings Chart and Reference Poster
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About This Product

Are you looking for a method to help teach kids different emotions? This Printable Emotions Menu promotes Social Emotional Learning by supporting students with recognizing, labeling, and understanding the different feelings and emotions that people experience. This visual support poster labels different emotions and facial expressions of 10 different feelings, all while including cute characters that students will be drawn to!

This Emotions Chart helps students who are beginning to learn and label different emotions and can be used in a variety of different ways! This emotions menu also includes facial expressions with themed characters so you can use them with students with key interests! 

I found amazing success with using these emotions choice boards with my younger students as well as my students that are nonverbal as a visual support!

Some Ideas for Use Are:

⭐Individual Lessons

⭐Reminder Tool For Students

⭐To Incorporate With Other Emotions Activities

⭐As A Reference Poster For Students In The Classroom Or Office

⭐To Use with Students Who Are Non Verbal

⭐To Introduce New Emotions

When you check-in with students, or simply have a lesson revolving around understanding emotions, this emotions menu will become a staple in your lessons!


⭐Emotions Menu- Full Color

⭐Emotions Menu- Black and White

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