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Social Skills: Fostering Relationships Gr. 6-12+

Social Skills: Fostering Relationships Gr. 6-12+
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Social Skills



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About This Product

Social Skills: Fostering Relationships Gr. 6-12+

Social Skills: Fostering Relationships Gr. 6-12+, an indispensable teaching resource curated for teachers and homeschoolers alike, aims at supporting learners in building long-lasting relationships while aiding personal growth.

  • This resource focuses on students from grade six to twelve and helps enhance crucial interpersonal abilities, enabling the foundation of essential social skills.
  • An important aspect is learning how to identify good attributes within relationships alongside traits that should be discouraged. This assists students to become competent communicators promoting emotional intelligence.
  • The package encourages independence in youngsters by guiding them towards self-reliance - a key element in responsible living like handling conflicts, giving consent, or making apt decisions.
  • It incorporates planning strategies fundamental to personal development that inspires students mapping their goals accurately.

Nurturing Environment of Accountability

A significant emphasis is laid on creating an accountable environment personally and professionally which teaches adequate behavioral reactions when faced with criticism; thus instilling resilience among learners.

  • Fostering collaborative skills with an open mindset forms another core feature of this resource's learning objectives
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  • The program also aids in tackling destructive habits through a systematic 30-day curriculum for continuous personal evolvement
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Courtesy Etiquette & Exciting Learning Materials

Furthermore, this package diligently works towards imparting polite behavior norms with meticulous etiquette – introducing balanced individuals who respectfully interact within society whilst maintaining their individual authenticity. The instructional material offers exceptional components such as:

  1. Inspiring real-world activities centered around informative reading passages rich in knowledge to foster understanding.
  2. The Special Resources category includes comprehensive subjects like Social Skills
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  4. Integration of fun tools such as graphic organizers, crosswords, and word searches which serve as creative assessment strategies instead of traditional quizzes.
Product File & Standards Compliance

The resource provides one reproducible Product File in PDF format that can be accessed digitally or printed. This resource abides by state standards and Blooms taxonomy – making it an essential instrument for instilling holistic development in students from grades six through twelve.

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