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Social Skills Superheroes-An SEL deck with Audio & 2 Handouts!

Social Skills Superheroes-An SEL deck with Audio & 2 Handouts!
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About This Product

Social Skills Superheroes-An SEL deck with Audio & 2 Handouts!

This is a comprehensive teaching resource which utilizes an indirect approach to teach students about essential social skills in an engaging format - superheroes. The digital resource is available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

An Overview of the Educational Tool

  • Each superhero character represents a different social skill including kindness, forgiveness, inclusivity and more.
  • Across multiple scenarios, students are shown good and bad examples to encourage proper decision making.
  • An audio element for each scenario further engages students and boosts retention.
  • The product includes a unique opening theme soundtrack to build excitement in the learning journey.
  • It's easy-to-use; download via Teachers Pay Teachers and add Social Skills Superheroes deck into your personal library on Boom Learning platform.
  • Besides, you'll get additional printable handouts that can be used at home for reinforcing lessons untangled through Boom Cards scenarios.

Device Compatibility& nbsp; &Nbsp;

This standout educational tool is compatible with most modern browsers like Chrome Safari Firefox Edge as well as Android-enabled devices iPads iPhones Kindle Fire etc.

Suitable For...

It's beneficial mainly for teachers handling preschool kindergarten grade 1-3 pupils but homeschoolers or those managing special needs education can equally find it useful. Whether implemented collectively as an entire classroom activity or distributed among small student groups this tool exceeds traditional classroom boundaries.&Nbsp;

Instant Feedback And Grading

This comprehensive learning aid provides instant feedback with its self-grading feature letting students know exactly where they stand in their learning journey.&Nbsp;

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image. A PDF with 2 handouts for extension activities.

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