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SEL Boom Deck-Big Versus Small Problems With Audio and Hidden Kelso!

SEL Boom Deck-Big Versus Small Problems With Audio and Hidden Kelso!
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About This Product

SEL Boom Deck-Big Versus Small Problems With Audio and Hidden Kelso!

Equip your learners with social skills to discern between big and small problems using this delightfully designed 24-task-card set. The first nine cards help teach what constitutes a small problem, compared to a major concern. This user-friendly digital resource includes audio throughout, guiding students card by card in exploring these situations.

This interactive deck adopts the principles of Kelso's Choices, addressing how decisions are made when faced with distinct challenges magnitude. Enjoy locating the hidden depictions of Kelso on every card which makes learning fun.

This exhaustive lesson addresses ranging issues from:

  • Navigating conflicts over markers or personal space in school (small problems)
  • Tackling more substantial problems like street safety or bullying behaviours

Once learners are equipped with this knowledge through initial nine cards, they are then tested via fifteen task-oriented scenario cards.

This innovative teaching tool is predominantly geared towards:

  1. Preschoolers through grade two learners
  2. Middle school age brackets as well

This tool can seamlessly fit into various classroom settings including public schools and homeschool setups alike due to its easy-to-use online interface on multiple platforms Enjoy enhancing our students' understanding of their emotional world one enjoyable yet informative card at a time! Also, check out my Teach Simple store for other related tools that can compliment this valuable resource!

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