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One-Step Rational Equations - Valentine's Self-Checking Digital Activity

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Grade 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

The One-Step Rational Equations - Valentine's Self-Checking Digital Activity

This captivating educational resource, designed specifically for middle school students in Grade 6 to 8, makes academic ventures fun and engaging during the holiday season of Valentine's Day. Offering a fresh approach to solving one-step rational equations, it significantly aids in fully engaging students in the learning process.

Main benefits:
  • An interactive way for both group forums or individual studies.
  • Useful tool for instructors keen on differentiating instructions and scaffolding varying levels of learners.

Built-in Immediate Feedback System

The final entered answer turns red if it requires revision. It aids students' understanding when they need assistance from their tutors, ensuring personalized experiences tailored to reinforce mathematical concept understanding. Moreover, integrating technology into your classroom through Google Sheets does not require prior experience!


Please remember to share individual copies with each learner; we wouldn't want them accidentally editing your files!

Included with this Product:
  • Holiday Magic Word Search Activity (with ten one-step rational equations problems)
  • An Answer Key for smooth checks-transparency purposes—and— an optional show-your-work page robustly structured for erudite mathematical works-out display!

Navigational Help

User-friendly instructions are provided so that teachers have minimal or nothing at all to explain about navigation protocols!

The One-Step Rational Equations - Valentine's Self-Checking Digital Activity presents mathematical concepts in digestible pieces while keeping the classroom engaged in an educative atmosphere. If you wish to infuse holiday enthusiasm into your math class with a quick feedback feature—this tool is tailor-made for such desires!

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

⭐Google Sheet Holiday Magic Word Search Activity with 10 Solve One-Step Rational Equations Problems

⭐Answer Key

⭐Optional Show Your Work Page

⭐Instructions for Teacher and Student Use

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