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Solving Unit Rate Problems Practice Sheet

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Word Problems


Grade 6





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About This Product

Develop your students' math skills with this 10-problem practice sheet on solving unit rate word problems. Unit rates, which compare two different units, are an important concept for middle school students to master. This educational resource provides quality practice with real-world unit rate scenarios that will boost your students' proficiency.

The word problems on this practice sheet encourage students to calculate unit rates in the context of situations like comparing the costs of cell phone plans with different monthly rates and data amounts. As students solve these math problems, they will sharpen their ratio reasoning, proportional thinking, and analytical abilities. The variety of unit rate problems pushes them to read carefully, set up the unit rate equation, and compute the math accurately.

With space provided to show work, this practice sheet promotes good mathematical practices as students solve each problem. The answer key provides easy checking for students and teachers. Include this practice sheet in a unit on ratios, proportional relationships, or multi-step word problems to reinforce unit rate skills. The real-life examples give meaning to the math, while building skills for future ratio and rate calculation needs on high-stakes exams, careers, finances, and daily decision making. The standard covered is 6.RP.A.3b

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