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Sorting THINGS - All By Myself -

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In this errorless sorting activity, learners will be given a set of picture cards that contain identical images. The goal of the activity is to sort and match the pictures together based on their similarities. In this activity the learners are given a picture of a object, they will also be given six identical pictures of the same object to match and sort.

This activity is designed to be a beginner-level sorting activity, where the learners can be successful independently. The use of identical pictures eliminates the possibility of making mistakes, as there is only one correct answer to the sorting task.

This is a great activity to work on individually or use in a beginning work station activity. The activity is easy to set up and can be done in various settings such as a classroom, a therapy session, or at home.

Errorless sorting activity is ideal for early learning stages and can help learners develop their cognitive and fine motor skills, visual perception, and attention to detail. It provides an interactive way for learners to practice sorting and matching skills, and boost their confidence in the process.

Below are the objects used in this activity. - these objects are large pictures which are helpful to those who are visually distracted






ice cream


happy face

hot dog





The design is clean and simple with limited visual distraction so the learner can focus on just task. It is also easy assemble and to create. Print all the pages, laminate and cut out the individual sorting cards. Then velcro the individual cards to the corresponding pages. This activity can be coil bound or three hole punched and placed in a binder for years of teaching and learning.


-I'll Figure It Out-

IFIO girl

What's Included

A PDF with 36 pages.

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