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Sorting Activity: Things we Wear by association

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This educational activity involves sorting clothing items based on their features, functions, and classes. The learners will be presented with a collection of various clothing items such as shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, and so on. The objective of the activity is to categorize these items based on their unique features, functions, and classes.

To begin the activity, the instructor will introduce the concept of feature, function, and class, providing examples and a brief description of each. The learners will then be given a set of clothing items and asked to sort them into categories based on these three criteria.

example, the learners could sort clothing items based on the feature of long sleeves, the function of keeping warm, or the class of pants.

To make the activity more engaging, the learners could be given a time limit, a point system, or asked to work in groups. The instructor could also provide feedback and additional information about the clothing items and their features, functions, and classes.

This activity can also be completed one on one and easily individualized. Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapists can utilize this activity in their one-on-one therapy sessions.

By completing this activity, the learners will improve their critical thinking and analytical skills as they learn to categorize and classify objects based on different criteria. They will also develop their knowledge and understanding of clothing items and their unique features, functions, and classes.

This activity is easy to create - print and laminate all cards, cut out the individual sorting cards and velcro to the corresponding activity mat. You can coil bind the activity or hole punch the mats and put them in a binder for many years of teaching and learning.

Happy teaching and fun learning

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What's Included

A PDF with 50 pages.

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