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Space Multiplication Repeated Addition Posters x9a

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About This Product

Space Multiplication Repeated Addition Posters x9a

The Space Multiplication Repeated Addition Posters x9a is an engaging resource specially designed for students in grades 2 through 4 to boost their multiplication skills. The set comprises of 12 vibrant, space-themed posters, each spotlighting multiplication facts and factors from 1 to 12.

Versatile Teaching Tool:

  • Whole Group Lessons: It can be used for teaching in a whole group setting, aiming to help a large number of students together.

  • Small Instruction Groups: For more focused instruction, it can be used for smaller groups as well.

  • Center Rotations or Homework Assignments: It also serves as a useful tool during center rotations or even as homework assignments.

Innovative Design:

The posters are uniquely designed with each displaying different fact numbers along with relevant equation parts. They are color-coordinated helping with sorting and easy reference which accelerates learning among students. A distinctive feature allows children the luxury of using math manipulatives like snap cubes or bricks directly on the poster thereby promoting active participation during math hours.

Beyond Academics:

Apart from being just teaching material, these lively graphics liven up classroom atmosphere when used as decor or displayed on bulletin boards during different seasons. Additionally, educators have found them valuable when laminated into books within class libraries enhancing their usability extensively! This finely curated set ensures not only academic growth but also fun-filled interactive math sessions guaranteeing every child comprehends complex concepts!

Incorporating Space Multiplication Repeated Addition Posters x9a into your lesson plans promises to create an engaging dimension that learners will definitely cherish.

Fostering Brighter Futures:

Preparing young minds for brighter futures by building a bridge between concepts becomes easier, thanks to this fun and interactive tool which carries simplicity interwoven with enjoyable learning!

12 - page PDF resource with one type of pictorial explanation for multiplication FACTS and FACTORS , for your bulletin boards , your classroom walls , your screens and your custom made books .

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