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Spanish: Diversión Del Invierno eBook

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Spanish: Diversión Del Invierno eBook downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Diversión Del Invierno eBook: A Spanish Teaching Resource

The Diversión Del Invierno eBook is a wonderfully crafted teaching resource targeted towards cultivating Spanish vocabulary teaching in young students related to the winter season. The book makes excellent use of black and white art elements with smidgens of color sprinkled throughout its adorable illustrations.

Eye-catching Illustrations

The simple yet vibrant pictures integrated into this resource include diverse items symbolizing winter such as:

  • Mittens,
  • Ice skates,
  • Sleds,
  • Snowmen,
  • Polar bears,
  • Penguins and hot chocolate & more!
  • Versatile Teaching Tool

    This eBook proves an ideal accessory for any mode of instruction be it inclusive group learning or intimate focused sessions fostering deeper understanding.

    In addition, Diversión Del Invierno can even serve as an assignment tool for parents who homeschool their kids, helping to familiarize them with seasonal characteristics whilst developing language skills.

    Bonus Features: Associated Series & Audio Reinforcement

    • "Zip file with the book and audio": Complimenting visual engagement via bright imagery with auditory reinforcement boosts comprehensive sensory involvement making every learning session both stimulating and fulfilling!

    • "Part Of A Larger Series": To keep children engaged consistently throughout multiple holiday seasons, Diversión Del Invierno is part of a series that includes eBooks like 'La Alegría de la Navidad', '¡Sorpresa Festiva!', y 'Ya Viene Santa'.


    In conclusion, Diversión Del Invierno eBook makes it possible to combine learning with an awe for seasons, thus creating educational interactions that young learners relish.

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

Resource Tags

Spanish vocabulary Winter season Preschool learning Seasonal attributes Holiday themes

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