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Spanish: La Angelita eBook

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Spanish: La Angelita eBook

The Spanish: La Angelita eBook is a cherished and educational resource that can benefit multiple contexts – classroom instruction, small group work, or as a homework activity. This valuable teaching tool fits perfectly for kindergarten through grade 3 students. The renowned holiday, Christmas serves as the central theme in the book enhancing learning by instilling cultural awareness and festive spirit.

The story focuses on the youngest angel pondering what unique contribution she can make to Christmas, paralleled with a young boy named Miguel who is searching for a special gift to give. Narrated in Spanish, it not only aids language proficiency but also encourages reflection on the core principles of benevolence and empathy associated with holiday gifting.

This resource bundle includes "La Angelita," served as an eBook within one zip file that also provides audio accompaniment. This double-pronged approach boosts listening comprehension along with reading skills while amping up engagement among learners irrespective of their learning style.

Purposes of Spanish: La Angelita eBook

  • The eBook could form part of broader discussions on holidays & traditions from different cultures particularly during December;
  • Fostering reading comprehension skills by helping children decode Spanish linguistic patterns whilst broadening vocabulary;
  • Teachers could use other elements like music from 'Angelina', lights from 'Alba' or delights from 'Fiona' to weave into complementary activities within classroom lessons.

All combined together in one easy digital download format creates meaningful learning experiences for both public school educators who are striving to create engaging diverse classrooms and dedicated homeschoolers aiming at comprehensive at-home education. With Spanish: La Angelita eBook, imagination knows no bounds!

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

Resource Tags

Spanish ebook cultural awareness Christmas language proficiency listening comprehension

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