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Spanish: Nosotros los Tres Reyes Magos Video Storybook

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Spanish: Nosotros los Tres Reyes Magos Video Storybook downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Spanish: Nosotros los Tres Reyes Magos Video Storybook is a top-notch educational tool for elementary educators and specifically favorable for homeschoolers. This product, as the name implies, is a video storybook based on popular villancicos clásicos, essentially Christmas carols addressing the genuine signifiance of Christmas season.

The story takes children further into cultural history, teaching them about los tres reyes magos, or 'The Three Kings' who brought unique gifts to Jesus under the guidance of their starlight. Their adventure through fields, rivers, moors and mountains forms an engaging narrative that captivates young learners while also inculcating values such as determination and humility.

Included within this interactive video storybook are emotional lines from traditional songs like “Nosotros somos los tres reyes magos de Oriente... Atravesamos desde lejos con regalos... Oh estrella maravillosa... guíanos hacia la luz perfecta”. This compelling learning tool prompts students to think about what gifts they would give to Jesus pausing thoughtful consideration and empathy among them while keeping them engaged with queries.

  • Versatility:This resource can be adapted across various learning contexts such as 1) Large groups (classroom settings) 2) Smaller sub-groups for targeted learning sessions or even 3) As homework assignments ensuring continuous engagement with Spanish language development at home.
  • Purchase:Purchasing this product provides access to one MP4 video storybook specifically made for Nosotros los Tres Reyes Magos. Part of a larger series 'Christmas Carol Series'
  • Audience:Made specifically for early learners till Kindergarten and studying Life Studies under broader subject areas inclusive but not limited to religion will gain considerably from this amalgamation of story-based singing exercises encouraging language skill enhancement while steeping them in rich cultural narratives.
  • Compatibility:This unique resource serves as an eBook type and is just a simple video file, ensuring compatibility with multiple devices for convenient access to quality education.

Make your teaching proactive during festive season using the Spanish: Nosotros los Tres Reyes Magos Video Storybook.

What's Included

1 MP4 video storybook for Nosotros los Tres Reyes Magos

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Spanish Three Kings Christmas carols cultural history educational resource los tres reyes magos in spanish

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