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Spanish Word Wall Cards - Las Matemáticas

Spanish Word Wall Cards - Las Matemáticas
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About This Product

Spanish Word Wall Cards - Las Matemáticas is a teaching resource focusing on mathematical vocabulary in the Spanish language. It is meant for educators ranging from classroom settings to homeschooling environments, and includes 20 beautifully illustrated cards carrying Spanish terms related to various Math topics.

The purpose of these illustrated word cards is twofold: they enhance numeracy skills while simultaneously fostering an inviting learning atmosphere. The tool aids students in grasping fundamental mathematical concepts from preschool to grade 5. Card content ranges from simple number names such as Uno, Dos, and Tres all the way up to complex geometry terms like Círculo and Rectángulo.

The package comes with two unique designs offering adaptability per individual learning environment: a vibrant colored background that makes learning fun, and a printer-friendly white background that conserves resources without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

  • Included are arithmetic operation signs including:
    • "Suma"- addition,
    • "Resta"- subtraction,
    • "Multiplicación"- multiplication, and
    • "División"- division.

Prominently displaying these word cards allows students easy reference when needed, thus acting as memory boosters during their studies. This comprehensive collection can be used effectively within classrooms during group or solo sessions or even as homework assignments due its customizable nature according to user preference.

Note:Ahead of purchase it's recommended checking out additional resources designed harmoniously with Spanish Word Wall Cards - Las Matemáticas for a boosted learning experience. These include Spanish Word work Task Cards and Interactive Notebook for introducing new vocabulary. These additional resources are sold separately.

Terms of Use: The package is not available for resell. The copyright cannot be transferred, shared or claimed by any individual other than the original user. Multiple licenses can be purchased if the content needs to be shared amongst colleagues or partners.

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