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Spelling Practice Papers - Test 3 (Age 9-12)

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Spelling Practice Papers - Test 3 (Age 9-12)

The Spelling Practice Papers - Test 3 (Age 9-12) is a series of comprehensive workbooks curated for enriching the spelling skills of students in grades 3 to 6. With the syllabus aligned with national curriculum guidelines, this resource provides a reliable platform for students to hone their aptitude and confidence in spelling.

This educational asset is based on S.A.T.S. pattern tests, replicating the challenge and rigor experienced by children aged around 11 years old during such evaluations. It encompasses numerous practice exercises designed to introduce and help them retain common S.A.T.S words.

Variety in Word Types:

  • Beyond generic spellings, it delves into words with prefixes
  • Soft 'g' sounds like ge/gi/gy (gym)
  • Homonphones containing silent letters
  • Word endings featuring / ...ible / ...ure along with an array of suffixes including but not limited to 'ous', silent 'o', and various others such as ant, ence, ancy etcetera.

In addition to providing diverse word varieties, it also explores words trimmed with diverse sounds like eid/eigh/ey along with ch sound exemplified through words like parachute.

Ease of Learning:

This teaching tool simplifies learning through clear instructions paired with intuitive question-type evaluation mechanisms structured into "20-question Spelling Tests". These complemented by nominally complex transcripts make learning enjoyable whilst preventing information overload for children aged between nine and twelve years old.

Flexible Usage:

As flexible as it is engagingly instructive; teachers can leverage the workbook's structure across diverse pedagogical settings ranging from whole group instruction within classrooms or smaller private tutoring sessions down to homework assignments serving individual practise at home.

Available in an easy-to-use PDF format under "Assessments" type within "Language Arts - Spelling" sub-subject category; The Spelling Practice Papers - Test 3 truly encapsulates a tool created by teaching professionals for their peers and students alike.

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Spelling Transcript

20 Question Spelling Test

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