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Spring Alphabet Sensory Bin Mats

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About This Product

These spring alphabet sensory bin mats engage young learners in letter recognition practice.

What is Included:

There are 8 different spring alphabet mats for capital and lowercase letters. There are flower letter tiles for students to use when matching letters.

How to Use:

To create a sensory bin, the teacher will hide the letter tiles inside a sensory bin and then give students an alphabet mat to match the letters they find. Students will match flower letter cards to capital and lowercase mats depicting colorful spring scenes. Children will take out cards one by one, searching for the matching letter on their personal mat. Alternatively, distribute the mats and cards for independent matching tasks. This versatile activity lets learners work alone, in pairs, or a whole group. The eight illustrated mats strengthen alphabet skills and feature real photographs for an engaging literacy center.

When to Use:

Literacy Center - This sensory bin can be placed in a literacy center for students to work on independently or with a partner.

Morning Work - The teacher can place the sensory bin in a morning tub for students to work on as they wait for their classmates to arrive to class.

Quiet Time Activity - Students in preschool rooms who do not nap can work quietly with one of these sensory bins.

This low prep activity is perfect for teachers to prepare for students to use in the classroom or for children to use at home to practice their letter recognition skills with a hands on approach. The spring mats make a great literacy center for young learners in preschool and kindergarten. Use these fun alphabet mats year after year for a fun seasonal activity assessing letter matching abilities. Pair with other spring themed resources like dot painting fine motor tasks, alphabet puzzles, and counting clip cards for cross-curricular spring fun.

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