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Spring Alphabetical Order Puzzles

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Spring Alphabetical Order Puzzles

This spring Alphabetical Order Puzzles teaching resource provides students with hands-on practice placing CVC words in alphabetical order by their first letter.

What is Included:

This set includes 20 real-picture puzzles focused on spring themes including 10 puzzles with 5 words each and 10 puzzles with 10 words each. Also included are recording sheets for students to write the words from the puzzles in proper ABC order.

These self-correcting alphabetical order puzzles allow students to develop and reinforce this key early literacy skill in a colorful way. These spring puzzles contain easy to read, decodable words that students can easily read, providing a low stress activity for students to practice the skill of alphabetizing words. The stress free nature of this activity will give teachers a fun lesson for students to practice this skill.

When to Use:

  • Literacy Center - Simply place the puzzles and recording pages in a literacy center for students to complete independently or with a partner.

  • Morning Tub or Bins - Place the puzzles in a morning bin for students to complete as their classmates arrive to class.

  • Small Group Activities - The teacher can pull a small group of students aside who need extra practice alphabetizing words to the first letter.

The bright, colorful, real images keep young learners engaged. This resource is an engaging and differentiated way for K-2 students to practice alphabetical order.

These spring alphabetizing puzzles are a low prep option for teachers. Simply print, laminate if desired, and cut out the puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces can be stored in task boxes so teachers can easily set up the center and students can easily clean up the center. The task box makes this literacy activity very simple to store.

Skills Assessed:

This spring alphabetical order activity assesses students' ability to place CVC words in alphabetical order to the first letter.

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