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Spring Place Value & Money

An educational teaching resource from Cherry Workshop entitled Spring Place Value & Money downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Spring Place Value & Money

Spring Place Value & Money is an invaluable resource tailored to assist educators in teaching and practicing basic money recognition and place value skills. This dynamic learning aid uses the concept of dimes and pennies for prices to facilitate coin recognition.

The resource sports a spring theme, introducing learners into the vibrant mathematical world with its colorful design. It boasts 20 task cards which form a collection of Spring Card Design. Each card provides three coin combination choices.

Detailed Features:

  • Recording Sheets: The resource includes recording sheets, allowing children to note down prices and color corresponding coins, promoting hands-on learning while improving attention-to-detail.
  • Versatility: You can incorporate this tool into different learning settings like group discussions or small cluster activities. Feel free to adapt its usage as per your students' capabilities or lesson's demand.
  • Self-check Feature: For independent verification without much teacher interference, add stickers on the card backs aligning with correct answers.
  • Gaming Element:You can also transform these cards into mini scavenger hunts spread around your class! Engage students further by letting them navigate through classrooms completing corresponding sheet recordings for each found card—a fun way indeed that merges activity with education!
  • Durability & Utility :This product stands out for it's robustness -print once,laminate if desired,and done -ready-to-use year after year! They are well-suited from Kindergarten up through Grade 2 pupils focused on Mathematics specifically place values.Available in PDF format spanning across eight printable pages.

In conclusion,"Spring Place Value & Money"is a must-have for any educator looking to supplement their teaching materials. Through its distinct features, it aids each learner in mastering critical mathematic skills while making math enjoyment-loaded!

What's Included

A PDF file with 8 printable pages.

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