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St. Patrick's Day Flash Cards

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This St. Patrick's Day Flash Cards resource is great for students to learn about St. Patrick's Day.
This resource includes 14 flash cards related to St. Patrick's Day. Each page includes 2 flash cards which shows the illustration on one side, and the word on the other side.

This resource St. Patrick's Day Flash Cards is designed for the elementary grade students. Each flash card may be cut and folded so that each could be laminated. Then each flash card has the illustration on one side, and the word describing the illustration on the other.

Alternatively, teachers may cut both parts of the flash cards and have students match the illustration to the word.

Activities which may be organized with this resource include:

-Give out all the illustrations among students (print twice to have double the amount) and ready from the pile of vocabulary: "I have ___ who has the match?" - Students are to identify the right illustration. The student who has it, brings it to you, and then gets a chance to pick the next vocabulary word.

- Place the set of illustrations and vocabulary on a table and have pairs or small groups of students play memory game with them.

-Place the sets on a basket for a writing center.

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